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CRootWindow Class Reference

#include <utui.h>

Inheritance diagram for CRootWindow:

CWindow CDocumentClient CLayout

Public Member Functions

virtual ~CRootWindow (void)
 Virtual destructor.
virtual void OnCreate (void)
 Initializes the output device.
virtual void OnDestroy (void)
 Deinitializes the output device.
virtual void OnResize (rcrect_t wr)
 Sets the window rect to wr.
void OnError (exception &e)
 Called when a root-level exception is caught.
int Run (void)
 The main event loop.
int RunModal (CDialog *pw)
 Runs pw as a modal dialog. pw is deleted before returning.

Static Public Member Functions

static CRootWindowInstance (void)
 Singleton instance reference.
static void SetIdleTimeout (long v)
static void SetMinIdleTimeout (long v)

Protected Member Functions

void Flush (void)
 Writes the window GC onto the terminal.
virtual void OnChildClose (uoff_t i)
 Extracts status information from the child window before it dies.

Detailed Description

This is the one and only root window of an application. It handles combining the output of all its child windows and rendering the result to the terminal. It also manages the event loop, receives and routes user input, and rations idle processing.

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