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CMenuItem Class Reference

#include <utui.h>

Inheritance diagram for CMenuItem:

CLabel CWindow CDocumentClient CLayout

Public Member Functions

 CMenuItem (const SCmd *cmds=NULL, size_t nCmds=0, uoff_t iCmd=0)
 Default constructor.
wchar_t AccelKey (void) const
cmd_t Execute (void)
 Executes bound command. If it is a sublist, it gets opened. If it is an action, it gets called.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void OnDraw (CGC &gc)
 Draws the menu item.
virtual void OnKey (wchar_t key)
 Responds to keys focused at this item and executes if told.
virtual void SizeHints (rrect_t wr) const
 Returns the size of the menu item when in wr.
bool CmdFlag (uint32_t f) const

Detailed Description

This is an item in a menu container, capable of drawing the command name, selecting its assigned command, and opening a submenu.

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