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CLayout Class Reference

Helps windows layout children. More...

#include <layout.h>

Inheritance diagram for CLayout:

CAlignLayout CBorderLayout CTileLayout CWindow CDialog CLabel CListbox CRootWindow CMenu CMessageBox CButton CMenuItem CMenuBar

Public Types

typedef vector< CLayout * > itemvec_t
typedef const Rect & rcrect_t
typedef Rect & rrect_t
typedef const Point2d & rcpos_t

Public Member Functions

 CLayout (void)
 Default constructor.
virtual ~CLayout (void)
 Default destructor.
void AddLayoutItem (CLayout *pi)
virtual void OnResize (rcrect_t r)
 Resizes to fit everything into r.
virtual void SizeHints (rrect_t wr) const
 Returns recommended size to fit everything into r.

Protected Member Functions

size_t NLI (void) const
CLayoutLI (uoff_t i)
const CLayoutLI (uoff_t i) const

Detailed Description

Helps windows layout children.

Each CLayout maintains a non-owning list of other layout items, which may be of type CLayout or CWindow. Rectangles passed to layout items for measurement and resizing are not relative to this object's rect. This can allow nesting of CLayout items.

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