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CLabel Class Reference

#include <utui.h>

Inheritance diagram for CLabel:

CWindow CDocumentClient CLayout CButton CMenuItem

Public Types

typedef const string & rctext_t
typedef const EColor * ptextcols_t

Public Member Functions

 CLabel (rctext_t s=string::empty_string)
 Default constructor.
wchar_t FocusAccelKey (void) const
 Returns the accelerator key for this item. Searches for an & followed by a character, and decode it as utf8.
void SetText (rctext_t s)
rctext_t Text (void) const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void OnDraw (CGC &gc)
 Draws the label in the window.
virtual void SizeHints (rrect_t wr) const
 Returns the recommended size for the window.
coord_t DrawTextWithAccel (CGC &gc, coord_t x, coord_t y, rctext_t s, ptextcols_t col) const
 Draws text s with & accelerators in different color.
size_t TextWithAccelSize (rctext_t s) const
 Returns the size of the label text after contracting & accelerators.

Detailed Description

Displays a static, non-focusable label.

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