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CDocumentClient Class Reference

#include <doccli.h>

Inheritance diagram for CDocumentClient:

CDocument CWindow CDialog CLabel CListbox CRootWindow CMenu CMessageBox CButton CMenuItem CMenuBar

Public Types

typedef CDocumentpdoc_t
typedef const CDocumentpcdoc_t
typedef uint16_t cmd_t
typedef SCmdrcmd_t
enum  {

Public Member Functions

 CDocumentClient (void)
 Default constructor.
void Update (pdoc_t pDoc)
 Updates the document pointer and calls OnUpdate (or OnInitialUpdate the first time).
virtual void OnCommand (cmd_t)
virtual void OnUpdateCommandUI (rcmd_t) const
bool Flag (uoff_t i) const
int32_t Status (void) const

Protected Member Functions

void SetFlag (uoff_t i, bool v=true)
void ClearFlag (uoff_t i)
void SetStatus (uint32_t v)
pdoc_t Document (void)
pcdoc_t Document (void) const
template<typename T>
T * TDocument (void)
template<typename T>
const T * TDocument (void) const
virtual void OnUpdate (void)
virtual void OnInitialUpdate (void)

Data Structures

struct  SCmd
 Command description object, used in arrays for defining command menus. More...

Detailed Description

This defines the interface for a view for accessing a bound document and the interface for a document for binding such a view and sending updates to it. A generic command interface is also defined.

Member Enumeration Documentation

anonymous enum

f_Updated  OnInitialUpdate has been called.
f_ReadOnly  Document can not be changed.
f_Changed  Made changes to the document.

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