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CDocument Class Reference

#include <doc.h>

Inheritance diagram for CDocument:


Public Types

typedef const string & rcfname_t
typedef CDocumentClientpview_t

Public Member Functions

 CDocument (void)
 Default constructor.
void RegisterView (pview_t pView)
 Registers window pView for updates from this document.
void UnregisterView (pview_t pView)
 Removes window pView from the document's update list.
virtual void Open (rcfname_t filename)
 Sets filename as the currently open file. Derivatives should load.
virtual void Close (void)
 Clears flags and state related to the currently open file.
rcfname_t Filename (void) const
virtual void read (istream &)
virtual void write (ostream &) const
virtual size_t stream_size (void) const

Protected Member Functions

void UpdateAllViews (void)
 Sends updates to all registered views.

Detailed Description

Documents are the data storage side of the document-view architecture. Any window can serve as a view to display the data it obtains by using accessor functions of objects derived from CDocument through the pointer sent to it in OnUpdate.

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