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CDialog Class Reference

#include <dialog.h>

Inheritance diagram for CDialog:

CWindow CDocumentClient CLayout CMenu CMessageBox CMenuBar

Public Member Functions

 CDialog (void)
 Default constructor.
virtual void OnKey (wchar_t key)
 Processes key.

Protected Member Functions

virtual void OnDraw (CGC &gc)
 Draws the dialog window.
virtual void OnChildClose (uoff_t i)
virtual void SizeHints (rrect_t wr) const
 Returns the recommended area of the window when in r.

Detailed Description

Base class for dialog-like windows, which are usually dynamically-stuffed containers of controls with a visible border, used modally.

Member Function Documentation

void CDialog::OnChildClose uoff_t  i  )  [protected, virtual]

Closes the dialog when a control closes itself. This allows delegation of command closings to controls.

Reimplemented from CWindow.

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